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Home And Personal Security Systems

This is an auto dialer system with wireless sensors to detect various personal and home situations, such as health, fire, burglary etc. If one of the sensors detects a situation, it will trig the auto dialer to dial a list of (usually 3, but could be more) phone numbers to search for help. If someone answers the call, the auto dialer will play a user pre-recorded message corresponding to the particular situation. It is programmable, if nobody answers the call from the dialer after certain loops of attempts, the dialer can optionally call 911 for help. The auto dialer is connected to the land phone line and the wireless sensors could be placed up to 100 feet away. One of the sensors is in the forms of a watch or a pendant that can be carried on a person. The trigging even will be the small button on the watch or pendant is depressed. This personal and home security system could save lives and protect your valuable property.

Buy this unit and there is no recurring fee each month. Protect yourself your loved ones, and the valuable homes.

1. Auto-dial wireless multi-functional security System

2. emergency guard
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Auto-dial wireless multi-functional security System
  • wireless control, easy installation
  • save 3 phone numbers to auto-dial for help
  • pre-record messages for using in the emergency
  • one machine per security-password, no conflict
  • provide backup build-in battery for emerency use
  • wireless control distance >= 50 m
  • regonize and distingush live person voice and recording message
  • can be used as body guard, protect bugrary, home and company security system
  • light weight and portable
  • can be easilly plug in other device

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Auto-dial wireless multi-functional security System
  • Your family members will get the help they need at the press of a button
  • Can automatically contact police, fire, paramedics, or up to five personal phone numbers
  • It can also dial your number when it senses leaking water or unauthorized entry
  • No monthly fees involved other than the standard phone service you already have

Company introduction | Products & Services | Download | Contact us